Why don’t you show a preview of the cover art I selected with my picture, artist name and title?

To ensure the best possible quality, we have a design team that applies all of your customized elements to your cover art. The designers extract the picture, apply the right filters, and place the photo and text in the optimal position. Unfortunately, it's not possible to auto-generate a preview of your artwork and still maintain the high quality we stand for.


How often do you add new Cover Designs?

We are continuously developing and releasing new Cover Designs. Check back often to see our new artwork.


What is Snap n' Go and Type n’ Go?

Those are our two main Cover Design categories. With Snap n' Go, our design team optimizes your uploaded picture for the Cover Design you picked. With Type n' Go, you don't need a picture. You just enter your artist name and title, and our design team will apply the text to your Cover Design.


Can I return the cover art and get my money back?

Since our process includes a lot of manual work as soon as you've placed your order, unfortunately we can't offer refunds. However, we always strive to make every one of our customer's happy, so feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions. For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.


Can I get my cover art formatted for YouTube?

Sure, just contact us and we'll take care of it.


Can I really use my smartphone to take a picture for the cover art?

Many smartphones take pictures at our required 3000x3000 pixel resolution. You can use an iPhone (5s, 6, 6 plus); Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7; and the flagship models from Sony, LG and Nokia. With that said, a DSLR camera will always give you the highest quality photos.


I have my own ideas about how I want my cover art to look. Can you help me?

Yes, we also do tailor-made designs. Contact us and describe your idea, and we'll send you a quote.


Can I use the cover art on a CD cover?

Yes and no. Our cover art is designed for digital products and don't include a booklet or label print. However, the cover art is high resolution and can be used on a CD if you take care of the rest of the packaging.


In what format do you deliver my cover art?

The final cover art is delivered as a 3000x3000 pixel JPG file.


On the examples, I noticed that you crop the photos - why is that?

If your picture isn't in the same format as the cover design, we have to crop it to make it fit. We may also crop the photos to make the composition look better.


Okay, but what should I do if I really don't want you to crop my picture?

In that case, make sure your picture has the same ratio (square, portrait, landscape, etc.) as the design you've chosen. Then just add a note that says "no crop" in the comments field.


I really like one of the designs but would like it with another typeface - is that possible?

If you already own the font, you can upload it on our site or we can purchase it for you at an extra charge.


I have chosen a Cover Design but I want the text to be in blue instead of white. Can you do that for me?

If you provide the RGB value for the color you want (for example: black = #000000) in the comments field, we can apply it for most designs. Quick tip: go to: www.colorpicker.com to find your RBG value.


I want to buy one of the designs but would like to use my own logo instead of the standard typeface - is that okay?

Yes, just upload it when you place your order, and use the comments field if there is more info you want to share.


Great! What format should the logo be in?

For the best results, we prefer EPS or PDF files. A high-resolution PNG or PSD file will work as well, but please make sure that the background is transparent.


I have a really cool picture from Instagram - is that good enough for a cover?

Unfortunately, Instagram pictures are just 1080x1080 pixels and that is too small for a full-size cover. You can upload a 3000x3000 pixel (or larger) unprocessed picture and choose a design like Barry Bleech, Barry Black, Poladroid or Bobby Border, which will give you a similar look to the Instagram filters you like.


I want my Twitter name on the cover, is that ok?

The digital stores have a number of rules for the cover art and social media links isn't approved, so in short: No. Read more about Artwork Guidelines here.