Earn money as an Affiliate
An affiliate works with coverartfactory.com to promote our website and products on external sites by posting an affiliate URL. You are paid commission on any order the customer you referred places within 30 days of clicking your link.

If someone comes to coverartfactory.com online via your affiliate link, and that person makes a purchase, you; the affiliate will receive Referral Points on that sale. Referral Points can be exchanged for cash (paid via PayPal), discount coupons, or cover art factory products.
1. You display Cover Art Factory ad or link
Once you sign up you will get a custom affiliate link that you can share.

2. Customer clicks on advert
Customer is registered as being affiliated to you.
3. Customer makes an order
Commission calculated as a % of customers total order. 
4. Get paid
You receive affiliate commission of 10%
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