Graphic design start-up makes music look good

October 02, 2014

Swedish start-up Cover Art Factory launches a digital album cover design service for record labels and DIY artists.


The service offers a wide range of pre-designed cover art in different styles. After selecting a design, the label or artist just need to enter the artist name, title and upload a picture. A team of designers then oversee the customization and deliver finished cover art within just 48 hours.

The service targets both major and indie labels, as well the ever-growing number of DYI artists. Cover Art Factory has already closed partnership deals with digital distributors, such as Label Worx, Fuga, Wiseband, Loudr and Record Union.

“Cover art for albums, singles and playlists is probably more important than ever before, considering there are now more than 30 million tracks competing on services like Spotify and Beats,” says Jan Nordlund, co-founder of Cover Art Factory.

The service is built around a network of experienced graphic designers, who also provide customized digital solutions for record labels like marketing material for social media platforms and YouTube.

“We believe we have developed an easy, fast and affordable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality,” says Fredrik Mårdh, co-founder and art director at Cover Art Factory.


About Cover Art Factory

Cover Art Factory ( offers customized, digital cover art for record labels and DIY artists. Upload a photo, enter your info and within 48 hours our design team will deliver your new cover art. All without breaking the bank – or breaking a sweat.

Founders Jan Nordlund and Fredrik Mårdh have long experience of the music industry. Jan Nordlund has founded music and media tech companies, such as Global Mediabank (acquired by Omnifone), Mobilehits (acquired by Aspiro) X5 Music and Metron Music. Fredrik Mårdh is graphic designer with a background as a musician and producer. Fredrik was the head of the artwork team at the music company X5 Music for seven years, and was responsible for the design for thousands of album covers