Cover Art Design

Pre-Made Designs

Why don’t you show a preview of the cover art I selected with my picture, artist name and title?

How often do you add new Cover Designs?

What is Snap n' Go and Type n’ Go?

On the Pre-Made examples, I noticed that you crop the photos - why is that?

What should I do if I really don't want you to crop my picture?

I have chosen a Cover Design but I want the text to be in blue instead of white. Can you do that for me?

I want to buy one of the designs but would like to use my own logo instead of the standard typeface - is that okay?

What format should my logo be in?

I have a really cool picture from Instagram - is that good enough for a cover?

I want my Twitter name on the cover, is that ok?

Custom-Made Designs

I have my own ideas about how I want my cover art to look. Can you help me?

What does revision mean?

General Questions


My order is late!

How do I download my cover art from Dropbox?

In what format do you deliver my cover art?

Will my artwork get approved by Spotify and Apple?

Can I use the cover art on a CD cover?

Can I get my cover art formatted for YouTube?

The cover art you delivered is too small!


I want to add a Parental Advisory sticker

Can I return the cover art and get my money back?