Artwork Guidelines
The digital stores artwork guidelines do not allow the attributes listed below:

  • The name or logo of a retailer
  • The cover image is blurry, pixelated or has other quality issues
  • Any registered trademarks
  • Copyrighted images or logotypes
  • Content you don’t own the rights to
  • The word “exclusive”
  • Any reference to physical packaging, or it being a digital product
  • No pricing
  • No pornographic images or links to pornographic websites
  • Any promotion for another product
  • Any misleading information (e.g. it can’t include another artist not featured in your music)
  • No reference to content that isn’t there
  • No websites or URLs
  • No offensive imagery or symbolism
  • Social network symbols or information (i.e., Facebook links, Twitter handles, etc).
  • The cover art claims to be an exclusive of one of the digital stores without their permission (i.e., iTunes™ Exclusive, Only on Amazon MP3, etc).

Keep the text as minimal as possible – just your name and the title. Avoid sentences like “Produced by”, “(Label name) presents” etc.
Camera – Smartphone or DSLR?
Many smartphones take pictures at our required 3000x3000 pixel resolution. You can use an iPhone (6s, 7, 7 plus); Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7; and the flagship models from other manufacturers. With that said, a DSLR camera will always give you the highest quality photos.

We would also recommend hiring a photographer for your artwork and promotional pictures. Ask yourself: doesn't all the hard work getting the song done deserve the best possible presentation?
How to Pose
If you are not experienced being in front of the camera, hiring a professional photographer will help you getting the composition right.

Don't have the budget to hire a photographer? Ask a friend to take the picture – it's always good with someone else's input!
Focus on the eyes
 The eyes are said to be the window of the soul… Watch your angles. Remember that for close up shots, angles will affect the outcome look and feel.
Half-figure Portrait
Watch your cropping
Watch your cropping of body parts. Try to avoid cropping off your subject’s hands, joints or ankles.
Full-length Portrait
Avoid the boxy look
Posed, full-body portraits are among the hardest pictures to nail. To get a proud, powerful statement, try lower the camera slightly, and aim up at the subject.